Our country has no future.

Having waited for three quarters of an hour at the doctor's, Gil got more and more impatient.

Hawaii is a paradise on earth.

You can talk to them.

Our team lost all of its games.

Mt. Fuji is noted for its beautiful shape.

What's troubling you?

It's your call, Noemi.

Whose pizza is that?

Propellers can have from 2 to 6 blades.

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It means nothing to me.


Hey, do you guys want to order a pizza?

We like your car.

I asked him a question.

Keep her quiet.

It's not a secret anymore.


Ernst was the most influential person in town.


I do like classical music!

Do you still practise your religion?

Spass is very materialistic.


Only four horses competed in the race.

They're having problems with their budget.

I received this fax from her.

We're going to try to get you full custody.

Woe to boys who refuse to obey their parents and run away from home! They will never be happy in this world, and when they are older they will be very sorry for it.

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I'm not scared of you.

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Has anyone read that book?


I can't stop you from doing whatever you want to do.

We know what to do.

The party did not succeed in climbing the mountain.

Mrs. Wood was a very good cook.

Lynnette had no qualms about cheating on the test.


In Japan, there are lots of hot springs.

Why does it hurt when you get sweat in your eyes?

Lars Jackson's new novel is very well written and I'm sure you'll enjoy reading it.

Vilhelm doesn't have much of a chance.

Can't we just flip a coin?

Let me introduce you to Mr. Brown.

The new labourer was buggered by smoko.


The rocks on this beach remind me of those summer days when Laura and I played in the sand until nightfall.

What sort of person would do that kind of thing?

I never go shopping on Saturdays.


I am whistling in my house.


Galen lit the stove.

There's nothing we can do to save Matti at this point. All we can do is pray.

Shankar is still alive, isn't he?

I'm kind of tired today.

Why didn't the half-cooked steak say hello to the nearly-cooked steak when the two saw each other? They both weren't ready.

We're checking into that.

Lidia still hasn't looked at her mail.

I don't plan on being there.

He has been out of action since breaking his leg a month ago.

We have 13 grandchildren.

She promised not to go out alone.

I wish you had told me the truth then.

Is there something we can do for you?


The genie asked Heinrich to make three wishes.


Where's the guy who beat her?

You don't have to yell.

"I'm not sleeping. I'm always just skiving off." "That way's even worse!"


You should deliver on your promises.

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We have missed this.

Languages that would have never found themselves together in a traditional system, can be connected in Tatoeba.

Tuan planted three apple trees in his yard.


I spent a lot of time listening to music.

It's not surprising that he be proud of his son.

There's too much garlic.

Give someone else a chance.

I have Valeria's key.


The picture of the tower was out of focus.

We're giving a dinner for him.

Hopefully, things are well with you.

Spudboy is just an ordinary man.

May I go with you?

I haven't been successful.

I don't know why the meeting was postponed.


The lost and found section.

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I have to go to my cousin's baptism.


Two sodas for the children and one coffee, please.

I've forgotten. Was House Lancaster's family crest a red rose, or a white rose?

Del looked a bit queasy.

If you're going to talk the talk, you've got to be prepared to walk the walk.

You can't smoke during work hours.

We instantly became friends.

What is a space elevator?


I can't talk about it right now.


I didn't order rice.

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We got into his car and went to the sea.


Here are a few good rules on how to preserve food.


Ritchey is about as tall as me.


I've got no idea how it works.


Oscar's squirrel has a fluffy tail.

Lynnette used to play football before he got married.

What do people usually do in the summer around here?


You can always ask me for help.

Tad stood on his head.

I can't leave.

Why are you in bed?

That won't make them happy.

Mason gave Craig everything.

I discussed the problem with my mom.

Would you like anything to drink?

Have you tried it before?

I'm beginning to believe it.

That's funny stuff.

They're not good.

This is an oxymoron.


You are to clean your teeth before you go to bed.

We're poor.

Nice ass!

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I'm tired of listening to your bragging.


How do you think that Britons should vote in the upcoming referendum? What do you think the results will be like?


Why should I be scared?

There were five fires last night.

She has undertaken too much work.


I've decided not to quit.

I like Lanny's plan better than Devon's plan.

Lois didn't want to play tennis with us yesterday.


The news report only told one side of the story.

The car broke down, so that we had to walk.

I can only discuss it with Stuart.

We really need it.

I envy you.


The conference ended two hours ago.

Kathryn left something on your desk.

Rudolf has no friends here.

They were just in time.

Our generation has seen a lot of changes.


I'll never forget the time we've spent together.

There is little water in this well.

Can I use this?

I was careful to not leave any evidence.

Rearing a child calls for perseverance.

Women loved it.

They're best friends.

We've been talking about this for hours. Can we just drop it?

I wish I'd looked at the map.


Ed could've and should've stayed longer.


And does your son drive?

There are many more students in the classroom today than yesterday.

You need a drink.

The tornado killed more than twenty people.

Randolph is always on the go.

His abilities were very great and various.

Kelvin isn't talented.

I very seldom eat lobster.

Jean-Christophe became a professional golfer after he graduated from college.


Show us the room.

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You needn't have taken an umbrella with you.

The reporter refused to name his sources.

The example doesn't fall into any type stated above.

I guess I'm feeling a little tired.

How did you get into my room?

Don't understand a thing.

They were suspicious of him, and not without reason.

The teacher and her partner took the people attending the wedding to a park.

I barely knew my father.

Our knowledge on the problem is rather limited.

Tolerant honked the horn impatiently.